Snails and Clams

Snails and Clams

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Pecten sp. (MÜLLER, 1776)

Product no.: W86-4

Period: Ladinian, Late Muschelkalk, Middle Triassic
Site: Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
Size: Fossil 98 x 85 mm
Fossil Matrix approx. 107 x 48 x 112 mm
Age: approx. 235 Ma

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Triadomegalodon tofanae (HOERNES)

Product no.: 3990
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Myophora kefersteini (MUENSTER, 1834)

Product no.: P5

Period: Karnian, Late Triassic
Site: Todrasz, Slowenia
Size: Fossil 73 x 64 mm
Age: approx. 225 Ma

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