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On Terra Paleontologica, high-quality fossils and artefacts from over 500 million years of earth history are available to you. From the Cambrian to the Holocene, starting with the earliest forms of life up to the remnants of our immediate predecessors, we offer display pieces for your shelf, rarities for systematizers, basic and advanced items for any style of collector and demonstration materials for educators.

We only offer original fossils and artefacts, which are named according to scientific standards. Every item is supplied with the best available data for place of discovery and time frame. If there have been necessary alterations during preparation, they are mentioned in the article data. Please note that neat adhesive joints do not negatively affect the value of the fossils.

The shop is sorted by geological eras and by fossil or artefact type. Since we are steadily  expanding our offers, please come back often. You will always find new wares. Should you be looking for a special fossil or artefact, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our wide-spread and long established links to other fossile traders and specialized collectors enable us to find even very special items for you.

Our owner, Werner Hernus, is a well-known expert for fossils and prehistoric artefacts. He studied Prehistory, Early History, Paleontology and Ethnology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. Since 2002, he has been trading fossils and artefacts on ebay under the screen name of "rialdo1". Many do know him as a steady and reliable trader with over 23.000 positive reviews on EBAY Germany.

Please also visit our store and auctions at EBAY Germany.


Protection of cultural assets
Trade and ownership of the prehistoric artifacts we offer is legal. They are all part of disbanded collections that existed for 30 years or more; therefore they do not fall under more modern cultural asset protection laws. This explicitly also applies to modern finds out of Germany and other countries that still allow trade in prehistoric artefacts. We strictly adhere to all applicable laws.

You can request an expertise by a state-approved expert for all prehistoric artifacts we offer at any time. This expertise costs 30€ and will be delivered to you in a separate letter about three to four weeks after your request.
This does not affect the promt shipment of your purchase.


Aggsbach's Blog

As a very special service for you, Terra Paleontologica hosts the well known Aggsbach's Paleolithic Blog.

Aggsbach's Paleolithic Blog has been the only non-commercial blog in the world since 10 years, dedicated to Paleolithic finds based on the scientific literature, with representative personal pictures and detailed texts.

It was initiated by Professor Meller, a university professor of medicine, and is intended to provide continuing education for collectors and prehistory aficionados.

Each month new contributions appear in loose order and the already existing posts are continuously updated to the current state of knowledge.

Therefore, please visit aggsbach.fossilserver.de from time to time.

Contact at: breul1956@email.de