Plant Fossils and Stromatolithes

Plant Fossils and Stromatolithes

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Cardiocarpus cf. sclerotesta (BROGNIART)

Product no.: X5-15
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Pine cone of a tree of the kind Pinus sp. (LINNAEUS)

Product no.: 3825

Period: Rupelian, Early Oligocene
Find Spot: Steinhartd, Germany
Size: 41 mm
Age: approx. 32 Ma

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Blatt von Andromeda latior

Product no.: X5-1

Period: Oligocene
Find Spot: Bois d'Asson, Manosque, Dept. Alpes de Haute Provence, France
Size: Fossil 50 mm
Matrix 88 x 78 x 12 mm
Age: approx. 30 MA

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Product no.: W40-3
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Product no.: O1-13
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Product no.: W43-1
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Product no.: W31-9
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Product no.: O1-14
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Product no.: Y-8
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Product no.: L1-1
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